Règles générales de nos parties

  • No technical support will be provided after 21h00 on the mission evening
  • Stealing radios is prohibited
  • Stealing uniforms (hats, clothes, vest) is prohibited
  • You can only use TFAR to communicate ingame. Any other way of communicating is strictly forbidden (that includes steam messages)
  • The ingame chat is only allowed for technical issues.
  • Respect the hierarchy, orders from your superiors and the chain of command
  • NO AI units. Please close the unused slots
  • Stealing vehicles : it will be specified on each topic and mission rules specifically, what vehicles can be stolen.
  • Running over an enemy intentionally with your vehicle is not allowed. Similarly, using an aerial vehicle to kill players on the ground is strictly prohibited if it causes the vehicle to crash. The same goes for hoisted vehicles. For example, using a helicopter's minigun to kill a player is allowed. Crashing the helicopter in order to eliminate the player or his vehicle is strictly prohibited. Casting off a boat in order to achieve a similar result is also prohibited.
  • Markers on map are authorized
  • The mission maker is authorised to create more rules according to their desires.
  • You are not allowed to keep and AI at the start of the game in order to kill it and take its equipment
  • It is mandatory to use the vehicles allocated to your squad in the slot list by the editor. If the vehicles haven't been assigned by the editor, this responsibility lies in the hands of the side leader.
  • It is mandatory to at least have a squad leader to take the others slots in the squad, except for the rifleman (and potential other slots that you've been given permission to take by OFCRA staff)
  • Lonewolfing is strictly forbidden. We consider as lonewoling any person who is too far away from their squad. In precise terms, the space between the more distant members of the squad should not be more than 200 meters. For a better understanding, have a look at the scheme bellow.

  • The rule above does not apply to side leaders when they are alone in their squad. If they have one or more squad mates, the rule then applies to him and his teamates.
  • When vehicles are attached to a squad, the maximum distance they can get away from is 600 meters. The calculation of the distance is the same way you would do it for infantery : between the two players which are further away from each other (in this case a vehicle and an infantry member).If the crew has to leave the vehicle for any reason, they have to regroup with their squad or any allied forces as soon as they can. They are not allowed to seek contact.



Complaint procedure

If you think someone broke one of the rules above, you can directly contact one of the OFCRA Bureau members or the missions maker. It would be counterproductive to start yelling at the person or message them on steam. Don't forget that we play Arma to have fun, and the person who broke the rule might have done it without being aware of it.

We will then start collecting informations to decide if the rule has been broken and if the sanction has to apply. If you have any screenshots, videos or anything that could prove your point, make sure to transfer them to us. The accused person will also be made aware of the charge against them and will be able to defend them-self if they so wishes by filing the same pleas as mentioned above.

If the rule has been broken, the complainant and the ruler breaker will be contacted to be made aware of our decision. If the rule was not broken, the same procedure applies. If both cases, our decision comes with a short explanation.



  • First incident : Warning and reminder of the rule.
  • Second incident : Suspended for one official or public event (1.30 hours mission).
  • Third incident : Suspended for two official or public events (1.30 hours mission).
  • Fourth incident : Suspended for two months, maybe more according to the context.
  • Fifth incident : BAN for an undefinite amount of time.